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About Me

About Ebba

Ebba is a space holder, a storyteller, a free spirit with a deep love for exploring both the outer and inner worlds. With her passion for exploration, she supports people in their journey to discover the true self and how to live their soul’s purpose. Her work spans from working with companies empowering their teams with yoga and mindfulness practices, to private wellness coaching, and to big holistic events with hundreds of people.

She holds diplomas in a variety of different holistic practices, such as multiple styles of yoga, meditation and breathwork, as well as nutrition, reiki, astrology, sound healing and energy therapy.

My Story

I’ve always been a wild child, a free spirit with love for adventures and exploring. I moved away from home when I was 16 and started traveling the world after high school. I wasn’t interested in any more studies back then, so I started working in the event, nightclub and restaurant scene. I spent about 10 years in this career and my work led me to a fast life, travelling the world, visiting different festivals, meeting cool people, dancing until sunrise…

Surrounded by so many people, always something planned in the calendar, it also led me to loneliness and further on to depression. My career was going up, but I was going down. All these exciting things was happening in my life, yet I was so unhappy.


It was new years eve 2017 and I found myself at the middle of a dance floor, surrounded by hundreds of people and I’ve never felt lonelier. This is it I thought, if I don’t do anything now, I will die.

I’ve always been a doer and I never give up, so I decided to do something about it.
I went up to my manager and said I had to go home, I wasn’t feeling well. I called my boss the day after and said I had to take some time off. I booked a plane ticket to Thailand 3 days later and little did I know when I got on that plane that it would be the start of my spiritual awakening.


I went on a solo trip and did my first silent meditation retreat. I went to yoga every day, something I had been practicing for many years, but in a western type of ‘workout’ way. Now I got to really understand the concept of yoga and the spiritual path of it.

I turned off my phone, detoxing from what I thought was “my life” and discovered that all those things I felt so attached to at home really didn’t make me happy. The only way to find true happiness is to look within. Sure, the external things can be wonderful but pure happiness can only be found in the heart.

I wasn’t sure then where this was going but I started following my heart and it led me to my spiritual path, exploring different holistic practices and teachings.

I quit my job and changed the direction of my life.

Yoga was the first spiritual practice I met and it was also the first teacher training I did. My previous work in event business had given me the contacts and with the combination of my new teachings and my creativity I started sharing events around holistic health. I was on a new journey and it also led me to keep exploring and keep on studying this new path of life.

I found my purpose in life, I unleashed my souls potential. Now I am here to be of service, to be a guide, to help others connect with their purpose, passion and inner truth.


Ebba is a fantastic yoga teacher and meditation guide! She brings such devotion and depth to every practice, that every new class with her is a blissful experience. I always find myself feeling  very balanced and confident after every session.

I really enjoy that she brings a theme and a background story based on current astrological events to the class, it really helps to set a great foundation and personal goal for the practice. As well as explains what the asanas mean in terms of the impact on one’s body and mind! Furthermore, Ebba accommodates both yoga newbies as well as more advanced students by advising them and adopting the most suitable asana options. So she will have you trying a handstand quite soon! 

The pure meditation practices she organizes are a true treat! She has a true gift for holding a very safe and welcoming space where everyone feels like part of the family. The sincerity and love coming from this person is a rare find! 

The experiences will have you impatiently waiting for the next practice time for sure!

Alina Arnelle

Yoga class, breathwork, meditations or full-moon ceremonies- every single practice that Ebba hosts is magical. She has this amazing superpower to add a unique touch to make each of the practices very special. She creates a very calm & accepting environment, filled with so much love, compassion, freedom to be who you are, so you can really embrace that. 

In all of the practices you have the ability to play around and be challenged if you feel like it. 

And my favorite part is that every class has a touch of astrology, always a special theme, tarot card or intention set for the practice, that takes the vibe to the next level. Truly magical ✨

Be prepared for deep releases in her shavasanas or guided meditations, they’ll take you on a flight, 5 centimeters above the ground. 

Ebba is a very special teacher that holds space with all her heart & soul and you can truly feel that- there is no other like her and I’m very grateful for that

Martha Zepa

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