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In ceremony, I invite you to a deeper journey to the true self.

This experience is created after your needs and what you want to work with. Some examples are: full moon/new moon ceremony, deeper healing ceremony, cacao or rapé ceremony.


Each ceremony is customized after the group, but usually include:

Opening space, sharing intentions
Ritual (such as cacao, rapé)


Chakra clearing and activation


Sound healing & singing
Closing space, sharing experiences

Feel free to email with any questions or inquiries and we will together talk about your special sacred ceremony and what you want to work with.

An action performed by our bodies, in connection with our spirit.

Ceremony is coming home. It’s remembering, recalibrating, reconnecting. In a spiritual ceremony, I support you in your journey to become your own healer. Everything you need is already within you, all the answers are yours to access. You are the one you’re searching for. We use different spiritual and healing rituals to connect deeper into the heart, the place that holds all answers. 


Physical and spiritual health are deeply connected, as all of our energy bodies connect to our physical body, and the body and soul must heal together. A ceremony is a devotion to this union, to deeper healing and understanding. When we bring ritual and sacred space into our lives, we also bring hope, meaning, purpose, gratitude and the sense that everything is connected.

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