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Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient therapeutic practice where frequencies and vibrations are used to balance and harmonize your own vibration, body - mind - spirit, and activate the body's self healing system. Through instruments, singing, toning and other vibrations, a hypnotic and meditative state is created where you move from beta (the conscious, active, thinking mind) to theta (the subconscious, relaxed, meditative mind) brainwaves, which allows old programmes to be released and deeper levels of healing and wisdom can be accessed.

This is a beautiful therapy that can provide healing both for the physical body and your different energy bodies.

Some of the benefits:

Deep relaxation
Better sleep
Pain relief
Release blockages (body-mind-spirit)
Letting go of old stored trauma and/or emotions
Improved memory

1 : 1 Session

90 mins 1500 SEK / €150

Group Session

Price Upon Request

In a personalized session we begin with a check-in to see where you are right now and what you need in your current state. This is followed by a guided meditation to help you ease into relaxation and open up to receiving the healing frequencies and vibrations. I will then use different types of sounds such as singing bowls, drums, flute, bells etc, and sometimes singing or chanting, to take you into theta brainwave state. I also include reiki healing and sometimes, with consent, touch. Afterwards we have a check-out so that you can, if you feel like it, share your experience and ask for further support.

Something to do with your friends, family, for a special occasion or with your colleagues at work. A group session, or as I call it - sound journey, is a very beautiful social experience to share with others. Before a session like this, we talk about if you want to have a specific theme or if there’s anything special you want to work with as a group. A group session is similar to a 1:1 but with more consideration for the group dynamic. We begin with a check-in, followed by guided meditation to move into relaxation and then different types of sound and vibrations to take you into the meditative state. There is also the option to include mantra singing and voice therapy. Also in groups, I include reiki healing and sometimes, with consent, touch. Afterwards we have a check-out for those who want to share their experience.

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