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No matter where you are in life, my coaching sessions are for everyone. Maybe you have embarked on your spiritual journey, but want to go deeper. Maybe you feel stuck, but want to change and live a more purpose driven and passionate life. Together, we define the different areas of your life where you want to expand, grow and maybe make a change. It might be career, health, the relationship with yourself and/or others, love, spiritual expansion or something else. I show you how to access your own inner guidance system and set you up with different types of practices, tools and knowledge to support you.

In our sessions together, we look straight into who you are. My gift is to see who is truly in there and help you connect with that part of your soul. My purpose is to help you find yours, to support you on your journey to the true self and unleash your full potential.


The coaching tools: reading of your personality using astrology and human design, intuitive channeling and healing, releasing of limiting beliefs, meditation and breathwork practice, spiritual life coaching and personalized practices tailormade for your body, mind and soul.

Who am I? What am I doing here? What’s my purpose? I want to change my habits, but how? How can I live a more healthy and sustainable life? I want to quit my job, how can I turn my passion into a profession? How can I heal?

Welcome to your transformation journey.

The next level of your life is waiting for you.

Coaching Sessions

20 mins

1 session, 90 mins

5 sessions, 75 mins each

7500 SEK / €750

1800 SEK / €180


15000 SEK / €1500*

10 session, 75 mins each

* I offer flexible payment options

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